5 Common Issues that Could Cause Foot Discomfort

Do you have painful feet with seemingly no explanation? You’ve been down the mental checklist: you haven’t overworked your feet, there’s no obvious injury, you haven’t started a new sport – what could be the cause? A lot of times the answer is an underlying medical condition that is causing your feet some sort of discomfort. 

At Kentucky/Indiana Foot and Ankle Specialists, we see all kinds of podiatric issues. 

Here are some of the more common issues that could lead to pain, swelling, tingling, or just general discomfort in your feet that you might not think of immediately: 

  1. Medications - Are you on meds to lower your blood pressure? Swollen feet are a common side effect of many medications that reduce blood pressure. Always tell your podiatrist and your primary care physician your full list of medications that you’re taking to rule out any causes of foot and ankle issues.
  2. Arthritis - If you’ve put your feet to work for over 50 years, it’s possible you have developed osteoarthritis. This degenerative disease causes the protective tissues in the joints of your feet to break down. Each foot has 33 joints, which means that’s a lot of room for foot pain as you age! 
  3. Pregnancy - There are a variety of issues related to pregnancy that can cause foot issues. Fluid retention during pregnancy is common, causing swollen feet. Rapidly changing hormones can loosen the joints in your feet and ankles, making you feel constantly off-balance or unstable.  
  4. Obesity - A higher body mass index can raise your chances of foot problems. More pounds in your upper body means more pressure on your feet, which can put you at risk for plantar fasciitisarch pain, arthritis, tendonitis, or more. 
  5. DiabetesDiabetes is one of the biggest causes of long-term foot problems. High blood glucose levels can affect the nerves and peripheral arteries in your feet, which can make them numb, painful, or tingly. Wounds don’t heal quickly, which can open them up to infection more easily, which can lead to serious consequences like amputation in extreme cases.  

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