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By Kentucky/Indiana Foot and Ankle Specialists
July 14, 2021
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Bunions are bothersome on many levels, making the simple act of slipping on your shoes uncomfortable and leaving you self-conscious about the appearance of your feet. If you are dealing with bunions, it's time to find relief with the help of the podiatrists of Kentucky/Indiana Foot and Ankle Specialists. With locations in Louisville, Bardstown, Bowling Green, and Elizabethtown, KY, or New Albany, IN, bunion treatment is convenient. Stop by one of our offices for a consultation.

What is a bunion?

Bunions are protrusions on the big toe, which occur when the joint is displaced and grows larger. This causes your shoes to fit tighter and causes friction or pressure when you walk resulting in blisters, redness, pain, and irritation.

It is important to visit our offices in Louisville, Bardstown, Bowling Green, and Elizabethtown, KY, or New Albany, IN, for bunion treatment before you develop hammertoes, arthritis, or impede your ability to walk.

How can a bunion consultation help me?

Your podiatrist will start by examining your foot and the severity of your bunion. They determine if you have developed bunions due to wearing ill-fitting shoes, such as high heels or pointy-toes. Other causes include a foot injury or having flat feet, which may affect which treatment we advise.

We will help you find the best remedy for your bunions, which may include changing your shoes for cushioned, properly fitted styles. You could also use an orthotic insert or apply a small pad to the bunion to keep it from rubbing against the side of your shoe. Splints worn during the night may also be helpful for proper joint-toe alignment.

If these practices don't relieve the pressure you are feeling, we may advise surgery to reduce the size of your bunion and realign your toe so it is positioned properly and no longer has a protrusion.

The right treatment will put a new spring in your step, so you can go about your day comfortably. Schedule a bunion consultation at one of our offices in Louisville, Bardstown, Bowling Green, and Elizabethtown, KY, or New Albany, IN, by calling (844) 692-3338.

By Kentucky/Indiana Foot and Ankle Specialists
April 02, 2021
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Standing, walking, running -- our feet feel the pressure of everyday life, and as a result, you may experience foot pain or problems. Whether your foot pain is the result of injury, constricting footwear, high impact activity, or infection, a visit to the Louisville, KY, office of podiatrist Syed Khader of Kentucky/Indiana Foot and Ankle Specialists, or our other locations in Louisville, Elizabethtown, Bardstown, and Bowling Green, KY, or our office in New Albany, IN, can help you find relief.

Why should I see a podiatrist?

Foot pain

If you are experiencing foot pain, the podiatrists at our Louisville, Elizabethtown, Bardstown, or Bowling Green, KY, offices, or our New Albany, IN, office, can help diagnose the source of your foot pain and recommend in-office or at-home treatments. Foot pain can come in the form of heel, toe, ankle, or arch problems, each of which requires different remedies that your podiatrist can advise you on.

Foot care

Feet are susceptible to many issues, such as fungal infection, ingrown toenails, blisters, corns, calluses, or itchiness and burning. The multitude of products for foot care available at drugstores can be intimidating to look through, and a podiatrist can give you specific recommendations for ointments, implements, or medications that can treat your foot conditions. Some foot care may be best provided or prescribed by a professional podiatrist.

General foot health

A podiatrist is a perfect resource for all your foot-related questions. We can offer you recommendations for well-cushioned and supportive shoes, provide inserts, advise stretching exercises for your feet or help you find a fitness routine that puts less pressure on your feet.

Feel great on your feet with the help of podiatrist Syed Khader of Kentucky/Indiana Foot and Ankle Specialists. Reach our three locations in Louisville, KY, our offices in Elizabethtown, Bardstown, and Bowling Green, KY, or our office in New Albany, IN, by calling 1-844-692-3338.

By Kentucky/Indiana Foot and Ankle Specialists
May 12, 2020
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Are ingrown toenails a frequent problem for you? The podiatrists at Kentucky/Indiana Foot and Ankle Specialists see many patients just like you in their New Albany, IN, and Elizabethtown, Bardstown, Bowling Green, and Louisville, KY, office. Fortunately, it may be possible to lower your risk of ingrown toenails simply by following these suggestions.

Change the way you trim your toenails

Do you round your toenails because the edges tend to snag your socks? Rounding the nails makes it much easier for them to grow into your skin. Cutting the nails straight across offers a simple solution to the problem. If snags are an issue, try filing the nails lightly to eliminate rough edges. Be sure not to file them so much that the edges are no longer square.

Keep it loose

Constant pressure on your nails can drive the edges into your skin. Choose shoes and socks that offer a little wiggle room to reduce your ingrown toenail risk.

Treat toenail fungus

Fungal infections not only turn your toenails yellow, but also cause them to thicken. When the nails are thick, they're more likely to grow into the skin. If over-the-counter fungal treatments aren't helpful, make an appointment with your foot doctor in New Albany, IN, or Elizabethtown, Bardstown, Bowling Green and Louisville, KY.

Take a look at your toes

Check your nails every few days if you're prone to developing ingrown toenails. If the nail has just started to grow into your skin, you may be able to free it yourself. Soak your foot in warm water for 15 or 20 minutes, then gently place dental floss or a small piece of cotton under the nail to free it. Keep floss or cotton under the nail until it grows out. (Replace the floss or cotton every day.)

Don't try to free your ingrown toenail yourself if you have diabetes. Attempting to treat the nail at home may increase your risk of infection. Call your podiatrist instead.

Know when to call the foot doctor

Let your podiatrist know if you can't free your nail yourself, the toe is very painful, or you notice red streaks or pus on the toe.

Do you have a painful ingrown toenail? The foot doctors at Kentucky/Indiana Foot and Ankle Specialists can ease your pain. Schedule an appointment with the Louisville, KY, area podiatrists by calling (502) 968-2233 for Louisville, KY, Outer Loop office, (502) 805-3338 for the Louisville, KY, Dixie Highway office, (270) 737-3338 for the Elizabethtown, KY, office, (502) 331-6307 for the Bardstown, KY, office, (270) 796-6160 for the Bowling Green, KY, office, or (812) 725-7542 for the New Albany, IN, office

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