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By Kentucky/Indiana Foot and Ankle Specialists
January 21, 2022
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A bunion is an enlargement of bone or tissue surrounding the joint of the big toe and can cause significant pain, increased swelling, tenderness, and trouble walking. A bunion happens when the bones at the base of your foot move out of alignment and causes the big toe to be pulled inwards towards the other toes and causing a large bony bump to stick out from the base of the big toe. Although bunions don’t require surgery immediately, you should see your podiatrist if the pain does not dissipate, a visible bump develops on the big toe joint, or have limited or no movement of your big toe or foot.

At Kentucky Foot Doctor serving Louisville, Bowling Green, Elizabethtown, KY, and New Albany, IN, Dr. Syed Khader is a highly-trained specialist that can treat your bunion and recommend the best course of treatment.

What is Bunion Surgery?

Otherwise known as a bunionectomy, bunion surgery is done to correct bunions. There are three main types of bunion surgery with each outlined briefly below:

  1. Exostectomy: In this procedure, a surgeon shaves off the bunion and then repositions the toe. However, this surgery is rarely done and only used with minor bunions.
  2. Osteotomy: During an osteotomy, the surgeon makes several small incisions in the bones and then uses screws or pins to adjust the big toe to its original position.
  3. Arthrodesis: When a bunion is caused by arthritis, a surgeon may perform an arthrodesis joint fusion where any portion of the toe with arthritis is removed and then screws are inserted to hold the bones together while they recover.
  4. At Kentucky Foot Doctor our conveniently located offices in Louisville, Elizabethtown, Bardstown, Bowling Green, KY and New Albany, IN offer a plethora of options for your scheduling needs. Once you’ve made an appointment one of our highly trained physicians will examine your bunion and offer guidance on a treatment plan. 

Bunion Surgery Recovery Process

Bunion surgery is an outpatient procedure which means that you’ll return home the same day as the surgery. While recovering at home, your provider will likely instruct you to:

  • Keep weight off the toe
  • Elevate foot to reduce swelling
  • Keep the wound dry 

Call Kentucky Food Doctor at 502-805-3338 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Khader.

By Kentucky/Indiana Foot and Ankle Specialists
July 14, 2021
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Bunions are bothersome on many levels, making the simple act of slipping on your shoes uncomfortable and leaving you self-conscious about the appearance of your feet. If you are dealing with bunions, it's time to find relief with the help of the podiatrists of Kentucky/Indiana Foot and Ankle Specialists. With locations in Louisville, Bardstown, Bowling Green, and Elizabethtown, KY, or New Albany, IN, bunion treatment is convenient. Stop by one of our offices for a consultation.

What is a bunion?

Bunions are protrusions on the big toe, which occur when the joint is displaced and grows larger. This causes your shoes to fit tighter and causes friction or pressure when you walk resulting in blisters, redness, pain, and irritation.

It is important to visit our offices in Louisville, Bardstown, Bowling Green, and Elizabethtown, KY, or New Albany, IN, for bunion treatment before you develop hammertoes, arthritis, or impede your ability to walk.

How can a bunion consultation help me?

Your podiatrist will start by examining your foot and the severity of your bunion. They determine if you have developed bunions due to wearing ill-fitting shoes, such as high heels or pointy-toes. Other causes include a foot injury or having flat feet, which may affect which treatment we advise.

We will help you find the best remedy for your bunions, which may include changing your shoes for cushioned, properly fitted styles. You could also use an orthotic insert or apply a small pad to the bunion to keep it from rubbing against the side of your shoe. Splints worn during the night may also be helpful for proper joint-toe alignment.

If these practices don't relieve the pressure you are feeling, we may advise surgery to reduce the size of your bunion and realign your toe so it is positioned properly and no longer has a protrusion.

The right treatment will put a new spring in your step, so you can go about your day comfortably. Schedule a bunion consultation at one of our offices in Louisville, Bardstown, Bowling Green, and Elizabethtown, KY, or New Albany, IN, by calling (844) 692-3338.

By Kentucky/Indiana Foot and Ankle Specialists
April 10, 2020
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Most women are familiar with bunions. These are bony bumps that form at the base of the big toe as a result of the bones in the front portion of your foot moving out of place. In most cases, they have swelling and redness over the affected area.

Here at the Kentucky/Indiana Foot and Ankle Specialists, our podiatrists can assess bunions and suggest the best treatments for them in our New Albany, IN, Louisville, KY, Elizabethtown, KY, Bardstown, KY, or Bowling Green, KY, locations.

Developing Bunion Symptoms

One of the more common causes of bunions is wearing narrow or tight shoes. Deformity, medical conditions, or genetics could likewise be factors that can lead to bunions. Other symptoms that could alert you that you have bunions include:

  • A bulging bump outside the base of the big toe
  • Redness, swelling, or soreness around the big toe area
  • Presence of calluses and corns
  • Chronic pain that comes and goes without reason
  • Limited mobility of the big toe

Home Treatments for Bunions

Unless surgically corrected, bunions are considered permanent. However, you can have relief from bunion symptoms by following these home treatment tips:

  • Use non-medicated bunion pads at the bunion area.
  • Use a spacer between the big toe and the one next to it.
  • Use shoes that have a wider and deeper toe box.
  • Apply ice packs frequently if there is swelling.
  • Limit wearing heeled shoes higher than two inches.

When to Get Medical Attention for Bunions

When is it time to see a podiatrist? Consult a podiatrist in our Louisville, KY, Bardstown, KY, Elizabethtown, KY, Bowling Green, KY, or New Albany, IN, location if there is continuous pain and when the bunion becomes larger. Depending on your symptoms and their intensity, your podiatrist might recommend a blend of the following:

  • Anti-inflammatory Medications: Cortisone injections are commonly prescribed for inflammation and pain.
  • Padding and Taping: The bunion is padded to minimize the pain and taping is used to maintain the normal position of the foot as a way to reduce both pain and stress.
  • Orthotics: Inserted in shoes to prevent worsening the deformity and deliver relief from bunion symptoms.
  • Physical Therapy: A popular treatment for bunion conditions where soft tissue is involved.
  • Surgery: Usually considered as a last resort, podiatric surgery relieves the pressure and repairs the affected toe joint.

There are various surgical procedures that a podiatrist can recommend. Bunionectomy is often the recommended treatment for less severe cases of deformity caused by bunions. More involved procedures will be required for more advanced cases and may involve cutting the bone and realigning joints.

When undergoing surgery, recovery time could vary greatly depending on the health of the patient. It is likewise normal to experience some level of discomfort for a couple of weeks after surgery. Initially, the pain will be managed through medications prescribed by your podiatrist. This will be accompanied by postoperative instructions for quicker recovery.

For Bunion Relief and Other Foot Problems, Let Us Help.

Schedule your visit with one of our podiatrists here at the Kentucky/Indiana Foot and Ankle Specialists. You can reach our New Albany, IN, office at (812) 725-7542, Louisville, KY, office at (502) 968-2233, Elizabethtown, KY, office at (270) 737-3338, Bardstown, KY, office at (502) 331-6307, and Bowling Green, KY, office at (270) 796-6160.

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