Have Diabetes? Prevent Ulcers With These Foot Care Tips

Taking care of your feet is a big deal for people with diabetes. Why? Because even the smallest foot problems like blisters can become serious problems like ulcers and the need for amputation. Our podiatrists at Kentucky/Indiana Foot and Ankle Specialists are passionate about preventative care for this reason and emphasize the following for their diabetic patients.

Schedule regular appointments

Our foot doctors recommend scheduling regular visits every 6 months to a year to go over your foot health and address any potential problems you may be experiencing. Diabetes can result in compromised immune systems, slow healing, and nerve damage, so the slightest discomfort is important to bring up.

Wear properly-fitted shoes

For most people, your feet live in shoes for the majority of the day. That makes the types of shoes you wear extremely important, as shoes that don’t fit properly can cause blisters, calluses, heel pain, or exacerbate toe deformities like bunions and hammertoes. Any of these wounds or problems have the potential to heal slowly or worsen. 


Wear custom orthotics

Orthotics that are fitted for and created to support your unique feet can be a great way to prevent ulcers and other diabetes-related problems. Custom orthotics can provide the extra padding or cushioning needed to protect sensitive areas, as well as correct any abnormalities in foot function that could be contributing to other foot problems.

Minimize risk factors

From managing your blood sugar levels and exercising regularly, to avoiding smoking and alcohol, there are many lifestyle choices that can affect your foot health. Consult with a primary care doctor to know all of the risk factors of people with diabetes.

Foot hygiene

Keeping up with your foot hygiene is paramount in preventing wounds from becoming ulcers or infections. Chronically high glucose levels contribute to decreased immune function and nerve damage, so keeping your feet clean and inspecting your feet each day for any changes is a crucial part of preventing problems.

Get specialized care

Avoid ulcers and other diabetes foot complications by keeping up with these foot care guidelines. Always consult with a foot doctor if you notice any changes to your foot health or to get further advice on how to protect your feet. Looking for experienced, compassionate foot doctors? Contact Kentucky/Indiana Foot and Ankle Specialists to receive high-quality care for your foot and ankle ailments, including heel pain, toenail issues, sports injuries, bunions, and diabetes-related issues. Schedule an appointment with our podiatrists at any of our offices in Louisville, Elizabethtown, Bardstown, Bowling Green, KY and New Albany, IN.

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