Causes of Constantly Cold Feet

Isn’t it frustrating when no matter how much you bundle up, you can’t get your feet to get warm? You could be toasty warm on your body and head, but if your toes are cold, it makes for a pretty miserable time. It’s impossible to have warm feet ALL the time, especially on cold days when your body works hard to keep blood circulating in your upper body to protect vital organs. But if putting on warm wool socks, using foot warmers or moving your feet doesn’t do the trick and cold feet is a constant problem that persists regardless of the weather, there could be an underlying issue at play. Ask our podiatrists at Kentucky/Indiana Foot and Ankle Specialists if any of the following issues could be contributing to your cold feet!

  1. Diabetes - When you have diabetes, your body in unable to regulate blood sugar levels, which could impact your circulation and your nerve function. People with diabetes often develop decreased blood flow and peripheral neuropathy, when the nerves in your extremities become damaged, which could make your toes feel cold or numb even where they are not. This inability to feel is an important reason why regular foot care is necessary to prevent injuries and serious complications.
  2. Poor circulation - When you have poor circulation, it means something is impeding your body’s ability to circulate enough blood around your entire body. Symptoms can include tingling, coldness, and numbness in the hands and feet, and is typically due to underlying conditions including diabetes, smoking, obesity, arterial issues, and heart conditions.
  3. Raynaud’s Disease - Raynaud’s Disease is a condition where certain parts of the body, most commonly the hands and toes, become sensitive to drops in temperature. The vessels that supply blood to the extremities can constrict, causing pain and color changes to the skin. While it is a rare condition, severe cases can cause ulcers and may indicate other underlying causes.
  4. Hypothyroidism - Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland does not adequately produce vital thyroid hormones. This deficiency can lead to decreased function of the heart and body temperature and other aspects of metabolism. Other symptoms of hypothyroidism may include fatigue, dry skin, and hair loss.

While cold feet can be from lifestyle choices like lack of exercise or smoking, it can also be from serious health conditions, so if you have constantly cold feet, it’s important to get them check out! Our podiatrists say that your feet is a great indicator for your overall health! Contact our team of board-certified podiatrists at Kentucky/Indiana Foot and Ankle Specialists to get expert podiatric care and help with determining the cause and treating your foot and ankle issues. Book an appointment online or contact any of our locations in Bardstown, Bowling Green, Elizabethtown, Louisville, and New Albany today!

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