Are Your Shoes Creating Lifelong Issues?

Wearing the wrong shoes can affect more than just your feet. Sure, that new pair of heels might look great, but before you bring them to the counter, consider this: your whole body rests on your feet. Bad shoes can cause blisters or corns, sure, but they can also cause poor posture, back and hip pain, and even arthritis.

Go for the Goldilocks of shoes
Shoes that are too narrow can lead to painful, debilitating issues as the shoe rubs and squeezes all the wrong places. If your shoes are too loose, however, your feet can slide around putting pressure on awkward spots. This leads to corns, bunions, blisters, ingrown toenails, and more. Finding something snug enough to secure the foot but not constricting is key.

For arch support, the same applies. Too little or too much can throw off your center of gravity, making you slouch or walk with an awkward gait to balance things out. Someone at the shoe store should be able to help you find something that fits your foot’s unique shape.

The only shoe this doesn’t apply to is heels, which are the biggest culprits of causing full-body pain. By design, they force all of the wearer’s weight and the impact of each step onto the front of the foot, when it should be evenly distributed along the surface of the foot. Heels also shorten your calf and restrict ankle movement, which can lead to painful conditions and injuries.

Long-term issues
It’s true that a blister here and there might not sound life-threatening. However, reading the list of potential long-term or even life-long issues might sway you to choose comfort over style. Here are some long-term issues that can arise from bad shoes:
●Poor posture
●Hip pain
●Back pain
●Neck pain
●Damage to joints and ligaments
●Nerve problems

How do I find my goldilocks shoe?
Do I have high arches? Do I need extra support in certain parts of my feet? Our podiatrists at Kentucky/Indiana Foot and Ankle Specialists can answer these questions and many more. We will help you figure out what the best type of shoe is for your unique feet, whether you have wide feet, deformities, or diabetes. Our feet need shoes that support us well, so consult with the foot care experts to get all the best answers! Book an appointment at any of our locations in Louisville, Bardstown, Bowling Green, Elizabethtown, and New Albany or request an appointment online!

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