Can the Treadmill Cause Foot Injuries?

Are you considering starting a new exercise routine? Maybe you just moved into a new apartment that has a beautiful new gym and you’re thinking about getting on the treadmill to stay fit. Whether it’s a sprint, a brisk jog, or a walk to stay active, treadmills are great ways to exercise. However, you should know there are risks to starting a running program on a treadmill.

Here at Kentucky/Indiana Foot and Ankle Specialists, it’s our job to keep your feet happy and healthy. That’s why we put together this information to help you prevent injuries while trying to stay fit!

How do injuries occur on the treadmill?

As with any exercise, there are several ways that injuries could occur. Here are the most common ones that we see and treat:

Overuse injuries: Here is a very common scenario: an individual starts a new sport or exercise regiment, sees improvement in their body or in their mood, then continues that exercise without allowing their body any amount of rest. Using the same muscles and ligaments in our feet can easily wear them down and make them tired, inflamed, and susceptible to injury. Ignoring pain or trying to “walk off” injuries can sustain an overuse injury.

Injuries caused by treadmill misuse: Before you start on the treadmill, it’s important to read the instructions and understand how it works. There are often safety features built in that will help prevent injury, so it’s important to be aware of those and utilize them. Know how much of an incline you can take and how fast you can run before pushing yourself too hard.

Injuries caused by carelessness: Not stretching, not hydrating, running while too tired, not having the proper shoes, or pushing yourself too hard too fast are just some examples of situations that can very quickly lead to foot or ankle injuries.

What are common injuries?

Foot and ankle injuries are common with athletes of any sport. Here are some we often see caused by some of the above occurrences:

How are these injuries treated?

It is important that if you sustain a foot or ankle injury, you get it checked out and treated immediately. Often, your podiatrist will suggest the RICE method, which stands for: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. However, more serious injuries, or injuries left untreated, might require medication, custom orthotics, or even surgery.

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