Back Pain? Custom Orthotics Can Help!

Everyone knows the feeling of back pain after a hard day or working in the garden or lifting one too many heavy things. For some people, though, back pain is a chronic concern that can be debilitating to their daily life. What many people don’t realize though is that back pain is often linked to their feet! Your feet are your body’s foundation. When they’re supported improperly, it can easily lead to problems in other areas of your body, including your back. If you have chronic back pain, it might be time to chat with your podiatrist about custom foot orthotics.

Your backbone’s connected to your feet?

Your back and feet might not be obviously immediately connected, but their link plays a big role in your body. Your feet support all your weight and absorb the impact of each step you take, so any strain on your feet can cause a strain on your back.

Here are ways your back pain could be linked to your feet:

Biomechanical issues - Bad posture or a difference in leg-length could be factors in biomechanical difficulties.

Flat feet - Flat feet can create an inward rotation or bowing of your knees, which can lead to an exaggerated curve in your lower back.

Over or underpronation - Turning your feet too far outward (underpronation) or inward (overpronation) can cause an unnatural gait, which can lead to pain in your knees and back.

Sciatic nerve - Your sciatic nerve is made up of five nerves that travel from your lower back to your legs. Compression or pinching in this nerve can cause discomfort or even misalignment in your lower back and feet.

Improper footwear - Shoes with inadequate arch support can almost certainly experience lower back and foot pain. Proper, supportive footwear is imperative, especially if you’re partaking in sports. Good arch support can not only prevent foot pain, but it can also help to maintain a straight spine.

How custom orthotics can help with these issues

Your podiatrist can design custom orthotics that support your feet while keeping them in their natural positions. This support helps reduce pain-causing stress on your feet, ankles, knees, and hips.

Custom orthotics can help with the following issues:

Correcting any imbalance in your stride that could contribute to back pain

Correcting foot pronation, stabilizing your foot position and improving your posture and gait

Reducing hyperextension of your knees

Bringing your hips to a normal position, stabilizing your pelvis

Reducing curvature of your lumbar spine

Considering how your feet are the foundation of your whole body, it’s not surprising that any foot problems can eventually spread to problems and pain in other areas of your body. Therefore, creating a strong and well supported foundation is going to help your entire body thrive.

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